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If your google search of "Notary Public Near Me" has led you to this website, then let me assure you that you are in good hands.

Here at Denton Notary Signings, not only do we provide notary services anywhere in the DFW area,

( Yes, we travel to you!)

We are also well connected with a nationwide notary network of NNA and LSS certified, background checked notaries for all of your notarization needs.

We quite simply know the best of the best in this industry and are happy to either help service your notary requests ourselves, or connect you with the best group of notaries in the city you reside in.

We are also RON  (Remote online certification ) certified, which means that here at Denton Notary Signings we can perform an online notarization for those who may be currently located outside the U.S. .

We are able to do this while being located in the great state of Texas, through the magic of technology and specifically, through our partnership with the Notarize platform.

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What does a Notary Public do?

As notaries public, we are public officials who are authorized to witness the signing of documents, administer oaths and perform other official acts as needed.

Some of the services  we offer include the notarization of legal documents such as wills, deeds, and powers of attorney, as well as the authentication of signatures on passports, mortgages, and other official documents.

As well, as a notary public, we are also able to provide witnesses for the signing of important documents, as well as help with the legalization of documents for use in foreign countries.

In short, the role of a notary public is to provide a level of security and authenticity to important transactions.

Notary Public Near Me
The Importance of Finding a Reliable Notary

The challenging part of a search for a "notary public near me" may not be finding a notary but instead, finding a notary that you can trust.

A notary public has the duty of serving as an impartial witness to the signing of important documents and must ensure the signer's identity and that they are signing of their own free will.

A notary public also provides a level of authenticity and legality to the documents they notarize, making them recognized and accepted in court and by other official institutions.

And of course, a notary public is held to a high standard of ethics and is subject to penalties for unethical or illegal behavior.

Here at Denton Notary Signings, all of our notaries must pass a yearly federal background check and must have an Errors and Omissions Insurance policy of at least  $100,000.00.

We are also Fidelity approved and experienced with over 2,000 loan signings under our belt, not to mention countless signings for General Notary work, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trust Certifications.

Why would a Person do a Search for a "Notary Public Near Me"?

For a variety of reasons!

The first is that a mobile notary can travel to the customer's location, which can be very convenient for those who are not able to travel, such as the elderly or disabled.

Secondly, a mobile notary can provide a more personal and private experience, as they are able to notarize documents in a location of the customer's choosing, such as their home or office.

Thirdly,  Flexibility: A mobile notary can work around the customer's schedule and provide notary services at a time that works better for the customer's schedule.

Fourth, Convenience for group signings: If there are multiple signers  or transactions, a mobile notary can be more convenient as they can come to the location where the group is meeting.

Lastly, Attention to detail: A mobile notary typically is happy to spend more time with each customer and can provide a higher level of attention to detail, for example, making sure that all  the documents are completed correctly and every space and signature is filled in!

Notary Public Near Me
Which locations do we service?

At Denton Notary Signings, we are not limited to Notary Public Appointments in Denton, TX only.

We can personally service any notary appointment in the following counties:

Denton County

Tarrant County

Dallas County

Collin County

Dallas County

Wise County

We can also connect you to reputable, efficient and excellent notaries within our personal network of notaries anywhere in the continental U.S.

Lastly, if you are outside of the U.S. but you are looking for remote online notarization services, we are glad to assist with that as well, as our notaries are certified in Remote Online Notarization and use the Notarize platform.

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